Registration for the Craft Malt Conference is now open. Registration is $350 for Craft Maltster Guild members and $400 for non-Craft Maltsters Guild members. Registration includes access to all seminars and roundtables, breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and the beer dinner and reception on Saturday evening.

The schedule for the 2019 Craft Malt Conference is nearing completion and will feature the below presentations and speakers.

View the 2019 Craft Malt Conference Schedule.

View the 2019 Craft Malt Conference Pre-Conference Schedule.

Malting Technology

How to improve your Saladin box – Rob Liedl, Applied Brewing & Malting Solutions

How to leverage steeping & germinations behavior to set the stage for successful modification – Dr. Katrina Christiansen, Intelligent Malt & Aaron MacLeod, Hartwick College

More presentations to be announced


Montana malt barley: good from grower to glass – Jamie Sherman, Montana State University & Hannah Turner, Montana State University

Production & breeding of organic barley for craft malt – Brigid Meints, Oregon State University

Barley, climate change, & adaptation: what can we learn from the past? – Matthew Gammans, University of California-Davis

Impact of disease on malt quality – Paul Schwarz, North Dakota State University

Commodity to craft – Karl DeJonge, Gallatin Valley Malt; Ryan Pfeifle, Farm Power Malt; & Chris Fries, Two Track Malting

Agronomics 101: working with your grower – Matt Enns, Makers Malt & Jeff Trout, Poormon Farms


Inside a brewer’s mind roundtable – Fred Beultmann, This Craft Nation; Wayne Wambles, Cigar City Brewing; Liz Preston, Prestonrose Farm & Brewery; Mark Gillette, F.H. Steinbart; & more participants to be announced

Brewing chemistry…it’s the malt! – Dave Thomas, Beer Sleuth

A taste of home – Tim Gormley, Burial Beer


Checkoffs: Funding research, promotion, and advocacy – Collin Watters,  Montana Wheat and Barley Committee

What to do about food safety in your malthouse under the Food Safety Modernization Act – Dr. Katrina Christiansen, Intelligent Malt

Getting the bang for your barley: effective marketing & branding strategies for success with craft malt – Jesse Bussard, Fermentana; Curtis Davenport, Admiral Maltings; Ron Silberstein, Admiral Maltings; Charlie Melhus, Norway Brewing Company; & Joel Alex, Blue Ox Malthouse

Five-year reflections roundtable – Brandon Ade, Blacklands Malt; Brent Manning, Riverbend Malt House; Twila Soles, Grouse Malt House; Andrea Stanley, Valley Malt

Public sector R&D to private sector ventures – Dustin de Yong, Research & Information Services Bureau

Malt Sensory

Exploring the chemistry of heirloom malts & the potential to impact beer flavor – Adam Heuberger, Colorado State University & Jamie Sherman, Montana State University

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