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Conference Speakers

Evan Berry Craine is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow in the Sustainable Seed Systems Laboratory at Washington State University. His dissertation focuses on breeding for end-use quality, especially for improved quinoa nutrition and malting barley flavor.

Evan is researching the impacts of barley varietal and terroir on malt quality, malt flavor, and beer flavor. He approaches these questions by identifying genotype by environment interactions and examining their effects on malt quality. He also uses consumer panels to understand barley varietal contributions to hot steep malt and beer flavor, and the factors that drive consumer preferences.

Evan is passionate about balancing the needs of stakeholders to support cultivar development for regional grain economies. He enjoys facilitating tastings to engage the public through sensory perception with the importance of barley varietal identity. To appreciate something you must understand it, and to understand something you must experience it.

Adam Heuberger is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Horticulture at Colorado State University. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees at UW-Madison and Ph.D. from Colorado State University. His laboratory studies biochemical diversity in plants and foods to improve processing quality, flavor, and human health. This research spans the fields of metabolomics, analytical chemistry, food science and genomics, and includes research in barley, malt, beer, potato, onion, wheat, bread, and bean. He teaches two courses at CSU in the areas of phytochemistry and metabolomics.

Tyler Pederson is the production manager at Westland Distillery, producing American Single Malt Whiskey. In his current role, he is responsible for evaluating and procuring all raw materials, developing the production schedule, and process optimization. He is passionate about working with industry partners such as researchers, farmers, and maltsters to identify and develop flavorful barley varietals that perform well for all stakeholders in the supply chain. He currently serves as the Chair of the Education Committee for the Washington Distillers Guild, hosting educational events that focus on improving all aspects of operations for Washington distillers. He is also currently in the post-graduate program at Heriot-Watt University and is working towards a Master’s of Science in Brewing and Distilling.

Jamie Sherman is the barley breeder at Montana State University.   Her program is developing new varieties for all barley end-uses including food, forage and feed, but a primary focus is on developing lines with improved malt quality.   Towards that goal, she has developed a fully functional malt quality lab to not only support the breeding program but to also support the developing craft malting industry.

Since 2009 Andrea Stanley has been on a mission to bring the malthouse back and turn local grains into local malt for craft brewers and distillers in New England.

Andrea is passionate about the tradition and science of malting and shares her passion with other maltsters. In 2013, she helped form the Craft Maltsters Guild and served as the chair of the board for 5 years. Andrea is committed to a more sustainable, transparent, and regionalized food system. In 2016, she was honored by Food and Wine and Forbes Magazine as one of the 20 Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink. In her spare time, she searches for anything she can read about the history of barley and malt. She has been known to corner people in breweries, barley fields, and grain elevators to talk about malt.

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