Branch Rothschild
Brewhouse Manager, Allagash Brewing Company
Portland, Maine
Guild Member Since 2016



What is your personal vision for the craft malt community?  

My vision is of a diverse and collaborative community. Greater use and awareness of craft malt is good for all craft maltsters; it makes sense to work together. A craft malt community that is able to be responsive to both their customers’ and suppliers’ desires and needs in ways that larger maltsters can’t.

Why are you interested in serving on the Guild’s Board of Directors (BOD)?

I’m interested in serving on the board because over the last few years local grain and local craft malt have become an increasingly large part of my job at Allagash. I believe that craft malt is a major component in the complexity and character of our beer. I want to be involved in what is one of the major sources of inspiration for innovative beers.

What skills, resources, and connections do you feel you will be able to contribute to the Guild’s Board? 

I’ve been a brewer at Allagash for thirteen years. I’m a skilled brewer. Over that time I’ve made many industry connections through professional organizations like the MBAA, Maine Brewers Guild, Maine Grain Alliance, and Maine Grain Conference.

Allagash has been working with Maine maltsters to trial new barley varieties. We have robust pilot, sensory, and lab programs and are always interested in experimenting.

What other long-term volunteer opportunities have you been involved in, including service on other Boards? Please list and describe:

I’ve been a member of the MBAA for over a decade. I attend the quarterly New England district and yearly national conferences. I have been a volunteer at the New England district events.

Allagash is a member of AMBA, and our brewmaster, Jason Perkins, is on the board. I have attended board meetings, once as his proxy.

As part of the Hop Quality Group, I have attended board meetings and farm inspections.

What do you hope to get out of service on the Guild’s BOD?

My craft malt experience is pretty insular and specific to Maine. I would like to get a broader perspective. I believe that malt characteristics are going to become sought after by beer drinkers; I want to be at the forefront of that trend.

What is one thing that your fellow Guild members should know about you?

I really like baseball. I play on a local sandlot team, the Portland Piping Plovers, every summer. Or at least summers without pandemics. I was named after a baseball guy, Branch Rickey, so it’s probably my parents’ fault.

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