Curtis Davenport
Co-founder / Head Maltster, Admiral Maltings
Alameda, California
Guild Member Since 2014



What is your personal vision for the craft malt community?  

I envision a thriving craft malt community whose members succeed in providing the craft brewing and distilling community with malt of excellent quality and character. Craft maltsters are recognized as integral members of the craft brewing and distilling industry and are valued for their positive contributions towards a more flavorful, sustainable, and resilient industry. Craft maltsters are enthusiastic participants in the Guild and are well served by its opportunities for continued education, business and technical resources, and vibrant collaborative spirit.

Why are you interested in serving on the Guild’s Board of Directors (BOD)?

I am grateful for the support, guidance, and community I have received from the Guild as it has grown from an informal Google group to the robust organization it is today. I would be honored for the opportunity to deepen my involvement with the Guild and offer my energy, knowledge, and perspective towards the continued advancement of the Guild and its membership.

What skills, resources, and connections do you feel you will be able to contribute to the Guild’s Board? 

As a leader, my strengths are to listen closely, to value the perspectives of others, and to work with a collaborative and diligent ethic. My experience with craft malt over the past nine years ranges from farming and producing malt to working with breeders on variety development to managing a multi-faceted business.

With this leadership approach and broad experience, I will work with the Board to understand the evolving needs of the Guild and take initiative towards meeting them.

My recent work to create and share an accessible data analysis tool for maltsters demonstrates a commitment to advancing the craft malt community that I hope to apply towards other projects as a member of the Board.

What other long-term volunteer opportunities have you been involved in, including service on other Boards? Please list and describe:

I served on the “Farm Board” of Santa Barbara Community Church in 2013-2014. In this role, I supported the church in developing 5 acres of farmland it owns into a community resource to produce organic vegetables for low-income families and assisted in the hiring and training of farm staff.

More recently, I have worked as a volunteer coach for the San Francisco High School Mountain Bike Team and have tutored at-risk youth in a GED program.

What do you hope to get out of service on the Guild’s BOD?

I hope to build new relationships with Guild members and enrich existing ones. I hope to grow as a leader and maltster by working closely with a dynamic and varied team from across the craft malt community and have a good time doing it!

What is one thing that your fellow Guild members should know about you?

I am fascinated by barley and malt and care deeply for the folks that I work alongside and share that fascination with.

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