Matt Enns
Founder, Maker’s Malt
Rosthern, Saskatchewan
Guild Member Since 2016



What is your personal vision for the craft malt community?

I have a foot in two very different worlds.  One is a primarily rural, large-volume commodity-producing farm community and the other is a collective of typically urban, small-batch, artisanal craft beverage producers (and their customers).  Craft malting is the Venn Diagram of these worlds.  That connection is most authentic if craft maltsters have a strong business model and a fantastic product which I believe the “greater” craft malt community is there to support.

Why are you interested in serving on the Guild’s Board of Directors (BOD)?

I have not typically been one who would stand for nomination.  Being too busy and not wanting to attend meetings would have been at the top of the list for excuses.  However, the opportunity to learn from those who are knowledgeable enough to be asked onto a board and passionate enough to be involved is compelling.  I would like the opportunity to represent the “International” and the “barley producer” point of view.

What working groups would you be interested in joining? 

  • Webinars
  • Conference & Events
  • Craft Malt Seal
  • Technical

What skills, resources, and connections do you feel you will be able to contribute to the Guild’s Board? 

Our farm has been growing high-quality malt barley for decades and Saskatchewan is N.A.’s biggest malt producer.  I believe I could bring forward an interesting perspective with that history behind me as well as via the close access I have too many facets of the barley industry from the board participations below.  

I organize our vertically integrated production.  This has allowed us to use malt-house experience and brewer/distiller input and take that right back to real-world farm-gate agronomics. Learning via agronomy and variety trials what is best for craft-malting and extending that knowledge to others is an area I could contribute.

What other long-term volunteer opportunities have you been involved in, including service on other Boards? Please list and describe:

  • Saskatchewan Barley Board
    • Director (finishing year 1 of a 3-year elected term)
    • Mission: To identify, develop and support research, market development,
      and extension initiatives that ensure long-term profitability and
      sustainability of barley for Saskatchewan producers.
    • SBDC will allocate over 1.5 Million in research and market development in 2020
  • Brewing and Malting Barley Research Institute
    • Board Member since 2019
    • Membership includes Directors of Malting and Technical Services of many of the largest malting companies in the world (Rahr, Boortmalt, Canada Malting Co, MaltEurop) as well as brewers including AB-INBEV, Sierra Nevada, New Belgium)
  • Canadian Malting Barley Technical Center
    • Board Member-elect (currently attending meetings and planning committees when relevant to future term)
    • In collaboration with our partners, our vision is to help ensure Canada is a leader in supplying high-quality malting barley to the global malting and brewing industries, meeting the needs of our customers around the world.
  • Prairie Grain Development Committee
    • Prairie Recommending Committee for Oat and Barley (PRCOB) division.
    • Voting member on the technical committee responsible for the testing, evaluation, and recommending of new varieties for registration in Western Canada.

What do you hope to get out of service on the Guild’s BOD?

I hoped to contribute in a unique way to the betterment of the CMG, its members, agriculture, and its connection to people which I find motivating. I hope to gain knowledge from other board members as well as the experiences that are involved with the position. I hope to gain a better understanding of the membership of the CMG. I hope to enhance relationships with others who have traveled a similar route.

What is one thing that your fellow Guild members should know about you?

I have twin boys that are 2.5 years old…life-changing! I won a Division 1 National Championship in 2004 and I was formerly a Physical Therapist.

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