Intelligent Malt is a craft malting solutions company founded in Fargo, ND. Our systems are fully automated and run off of our proprietary gateway. We designed the layout and functionality of our equipment with innovation in mind. The system is vertical and takes up a smaller footprint so that our customers can utilize their buildings efficiently. Customizable recipes and processes allow our customers to make the highest quality malt for the craft brewing and distilling worlds. Our system is designed to maximize outputs by allowing customers to load the steep tank with their next batch, while a previous batch is finishing kilning. Our IMU (Intelligent Malt Unit) is designed to make up to 5 US tons of input grains. Our customers can choose their batch sizes according to the specific malts their customers want. Makes malt from cereal grains such as barley, wheat, rye, etc. The system is designed to let the customer choose one, two, or three IMUs per kiln.


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Kelly Shipman
General Manager
[email protected] 

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