The Montana State University – Barley, Malt, & Brewing Quality Lab is an analytical and educational resource for the full barley value chain, engaging via:


Our full-service lab provides data for a spectrum of regional to international clients including family farms, maltsters, researchers, brewers, and distillers. We partner closely with these groups to ensure we provide is timely and accurate data that enables good decisions. We are also dedicated to bringing knowledge and connections forward via speaking engagements, facility tours, providing educational classes, curating an ever-expanding educational website, and being actively involved with social media.


As a component of the MSU Barley Breeding Program, we support the breeding process via a full range of barley testing, in-house malting, malt quality analysis, and brewing research. Our innovative lab was established in 2016 to offer more breeding data points earlier in the selection process, allowing the release of the highest quality barley varieties. We also explore research areas such as the environmental and genetic factors that impact malt quality, and the influence of variety and process on flavor, including their interaction with kilning methods on beer flavor.


We are committed to education and support undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students in their pursuit of expanded knowledge in the areas of barley, malt, and brewing. Example projects include genetic control over grain hydration in malting, heirloom flavor characterization, barley root structure, and mechanisms of acidic soil tolerance.


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Lab Contacts

Hannah Turner
Lab Director
[email protected]

Jamie Sherman
Barley Breeder
[email protected]

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