Looking for a state-of-the-art roaster for malt?

Do not look any further and find out more about Revtech roasting technology.

Unique, versatile, environmentally friendly – our equipment allows you to develop a wide range of specialty malts and flavors (e.g., crystal malt, chocolate malt, black malt) that every beer lover is in search of.

Revtech continuous industrial solutions for the roasting of malt are custom-made. Over 130 industrial units are running throughout the world in the food industry. 

Processing different types of cereals? The same machine can also be used for non-malted grains like barley, wheat, rye, oats as well as brans, flours… and other applications such as pasteurization, stabilization, kilning, toasting, modification of functional properties.

Compared to traditional roasters, our system offers:

  • Reduced process time (around 40 minutes for black malt when 2 hours are usually needed): continuous and homogeneous treatment 
  • Operational costs reduction: Low energy consumption thanks to an energy transfer coefficient close to 90%
  • Gentle handling (no auger, belt, mixer): No damage to the grains
  • Possibility to roast all kinds of cereal products but also other dry ingredients cocoa nibs, coffee beans

Revtech can supply continuous units from 400 lbs/h to 10,000 lbs/h.

Revtech Malt Roasting Poster

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Company Contact

Celia Schlosser
Sales Engineer
[email protected]

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