Conference attendees are invited to participate in pre-conference tours of Allagash Brewing Company in Portland, ME, and Blue Ox Malthouse in Lisbon Falls, ME on Thursday, March 16.

UPDATE (1.24.2023): Due to newly-arisen schedule conflicts, the tour of the University of Southern Maine’s Quality Control Collaboratory has been rescheduled to Saturday, March 18 from 3-5 PM.

The USM lab tour will operate in an open-house format with attendees welcome to stop by during the two-hour time period.

Registration for both the Allagash and Blue Ox tours is required. Links to register for each tour are below.

Tour #1 – Allagash Brewing Company

Registration FOR this TOUR WILL OPEN ON DECEMBER 1st.

How many accolades can one brewery receive? For Allagash Brewing Company, founded by Rob Tod in 1994, the answer is “there are so many we’ve stopped counting.” Whether they’re known as the 2021 Brewery and Brewer of the Year in the 15,001 – 100,000 barrels per year at the Great American Beer Festival, one of the Best Places to Work in Maine, or among Paste Magazine’s 50 Best American Breweries of the 2010s, you won’t want to miss out on getting a behind-the-scenes tour and meeting their skilled staff. Also, don’t forget to give them many high-fives for making a pledge in 2016 to use 1 million pounds of Maine-grown and processed grains by the end of 2021, achieving that goal, and continuing to increase the amounts from there. The brewery tasting room will be open during the day on Thursday and individuals are encouraged to stop in for a pint before or after their tour.

Important Details:  Allagash’s brewing team will host tours for Craft Malt Con attendees from 12:30-4:30 PM EST on Thursday, March 16. Tours will happen every hour on the half-hour, for a total of four tours altogether. Individuals visiting are also advised to wear closed-toed shoes. Parking is available on-site. Per Allagash’s company guidelines, all visitors must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Location (Google Maps)

50 Industrial Way
Portland ME 04103
Phone:  800-330-5385

Travel Time from Hotel:  ~17 minutes (5 miles)

Tour Times

  • 12:30 PM
  • 1:30 PM
  • 2:30 PM
  • 3:30 PM

Registration is required!


Tour #2 – Blue Ox Malthouse

Registration for this tour will open on December 1st.
Earlier this year, Blue Ox Malthouse was awarded a $500,000 grant in Maine’s Jobs & Recovery Plan to help farmers and food processors address infrastructure needs. Blue Ox plans to use the grant to expand its processing capacity.

In 2013, founder Joel Alex left his job, apartment, and “9-5” life to create a company with the goal of becoming a catalyst for fostering relationships between farmers, brewers, and other food producers. A year later he processed his first pilot batch of malts in Belfast, Maine with two tons of grain from Aroostook County, and then a year later, Blue Ox Malthouse found a home in Lisbon Falls. From an empty warehouse to a functioning malthouse, Blue Ox held their grand opening on January 25th, 2016 with a firm commitment to grow Maine, and the Northeast grain economy, and to serve as a model for sustainable and environmental practices. Blue Ox purchases grain from farmers across Maine, processes it into malt, then sells that malt to breweries, distillers, and other businesses across Maine. Currently, they produce a variety of base and specialty malts as well as certified organic flaked products—from barley to oats to buckwheat. Through its work, Blue Ox Malthouse serves as a critical link in the agricultural supply chain, supporting local farmers and brewers while strengthening their state’s economy.

Important Details: Blue Ox Malthouse will host an open house for Craft Malt Con attendees on Thursday, March 16 from 12 PM – 4 PM EST. Three guided tours of the malting facility will be offered at 1 PM, 2 PM, and 3 PM. Visitors should dress warmly and wear closed-toe shoes as the malthouse is heated minimally during the winter. Parking is available on-site. 

Blue Ox Malthouse is not a public facility and therefore is not ADA-accessible via a ramp. If anyone has mobility considerations, please email [email protected] to discuss your needs and they will do their best to make a visit possible.

Location (Google Maps)

41 Capital Ave
Lisbon Falls, ME

Travel Time: ~39 minutes (29.7 miles north of Portland)

Tour Times

  • 1 PM
  • 2 PM
  • 3 PM

Registration is required!


Tour #3 – University of Southern Maine Quality Control Collaboratory

Registration is not required for this tour.

UPDATE (1.24.2023): Due to newly-arisen schedule conflicts, the tour of the University of Southern Maine’s Quality Control Collaboratory has been rescheduled to Saturday, March 18 from 3-5 PM.

The University of Southern Maine’s Quality Control Collaboratory (QC2), founded by Luci Benedict, Ph.D., in partnership with the Maine Brewers’ Guild, provides state-of-the-art laboratory analysis and testing for the craft beverage industry. QC2 has worked with over 80 brewers in New England—and some in Texas and Chicago—as well as with companies producing boozy seltzers and ciders. All the lab’s testing services are performed by QC2’s highly-trained team of undergraduate students; USM students benefit from real-world laboratory experience, and brewers benefit from the data they generate!  You’ll have questions, so many questions.

Important Details: Craft Malt Con attendees are welcome to visit the QC2 Lab on Saturday, March 18 from 3 PM – 5 PM EST. On-street parking is available to visitors, some metered, some free. A few things to note: no food or drink is allowed into the space. Individuals visiting the lab are advised to wear closed-toed shoes and protective eyewear. Safety glasses will be made available to anyone who doesn’t have them.

Open House from 3 PM – 5 PM EST

Location (Google Maps)

Room 394, Science Building
70 Falmouth Street
Portland, ME 04101
Phone:  207-780-4722

Travel Time from Hotel: ~5 min (1.1 miles)

Event Health & Safety Policy Reminder

All conference attendees must abide by the Craft Maltsters Guild Code of Conduct, in addition to the measures the organizations hosting tours and the state of Maine and local governments may have in place. The Craft Maltsters Guild expects all attendees to abide by this guideline.