Why Craft Malt?

To put it simply, craft products deserve craft ingredients. While there’s a lot of good malt out there, the majority of it comes from big businesses with production volumes that dwarf all but the largest craft beer and spirits brands. With craft malt, malt buyers can now see eye-to-eye with malt producers. And it turns out that when these folks are seeing eye-to-eye, great things happen.

Here’s a sampling of what craft malt has to offer. To locate craft malt, use the craft malt finder.


Our members pledge to seek out the highest quality ingredients from farmers in their region. We define “regionally sourced” as utilizing raw materials from a 500-mile radius. This scope promotes development of strong local grain economies, while allowing for flexibility in years of poor harvest conditions.


Craft malt customers enjoy the many benefits of working with like-minded small business. Specifically, craft maltsters offer smaller batch sizes, enhanced experimentation potential, myriad custom malting opportunities, unique perspectives, and just plain old fun. That’s a lot to smile about.


Craft maltsters are utilizing production methods that run the gamut from traditional to technological. This range in production methods, combined with the utilization of heirloom and regionally adapted grain varieties, offers an exciting opportunity to explore an unprecedented diversity of flavor.


Our members are committed to product testing in every phase of the malting process. This commitment stresses analysis on all raw grain samples and full malting analysis for finished products. Assessing grain from the field to the mash tun ensures that our industry builds a solid foundation for safe, high-quality products.