Thanks for your interest in supporting Craft Malt Con Online.

A full outline detailing each opportunity is available. Please contact CMG Executive Director, Jesse Bussard, for more information and pricing.

Proud Sponsor & Virtual Expo: Sponsors will be recognized in emails and on social media, as well as logo recognition on the Craft Malt Con Online Sponsors page. Sponsors will have the ability to include special offers, call to action, PDFs of company brochures, demo videos, and more with their company listing.

Sponsor Live Q&A Session: Present your content live to attendees during a 20-minute live question-and-answer session. Attendees can interact with you via an online chat and Q&A, moderated by CMG.

Virtual Happy Hour: One happy hour each day (Wednesday-Friday) will wrap up the day of virtual learning.

2021 Malt Cup Awards Ceremony: Have the opportunity to address the audience during the 2021 Malt Cup Awards Ceremony and be the last company on attendees’ minds as we wrap up the first Craft Malt Con Online!

For more information about Craft Malt Con Online sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Jesse Bussard

Executive Director

Email:  [email protected]