Jesse Bussard, Executive Director

Jesse Bussard is the Executive Director of the Craft Maltsters Guild. Previous to their work with the Guild, Jesse worked as an independent writer for over a decade covering topics related to craft beer, agriculture, and conservation. Additionally, during their previous tenure living in Montana, Jesse co-founded and organized some of the state’s best craft beer events including Bozeman Craft Beer Week, Beer Maven: A Women’s Beer Education Series, the Montana Brewers Conference, and Montana Funk Fest, the first sour beer and kombucha festival ever held in the Big Sky State. Jesse has been a member of the Pink Boots Society and the North American Guild of Beer Writers since 2016. Additionally, they hold degrees in Crop Science (M.S.) and Animal Science (B.S.) from the University of Kentucky and Penn State University respectively. Outside of work, Jesse enjoys reading, growing mushrooms, foraging, and spending time outdoors. They currently reside in the traditional lands & territories of the Susquehannock people, also known as central Pennsylvania by settlers.

Pronouns:  She / They / Them
Email:  [email protected]