The Malt Sensory Ambassador program is a grant-funded initiative to help train and advance malt sensory evaluation methods among brewers and allied flavor communities. The program follows the Hot Steep Method, a first-ever malt sensory method validated by the American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC). This brand new form of malt sensory was originally developed by scientists Cassie Liscomb, Briess Malt & Ingredients and Lindsay Barr, New Belgium Brewing.

In 2014, the Brewers Association published a Malting Barley Characteristics for Craft Brewers white paper. The paper, informed by dozens of brewers, maltsters, growers, breeders, and researchers, concluded “malt flavor” was the most commonly cited gap in the current supply chain.

To learn more about the Hot Steep Method, please visit the ASBC’s Methods of Analysis page.

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Base Malt Flavor Map

Malt Sensory Ambassadors

Malt Sensory Ambassadors are trained in sensory methods, including the Hot Steep Method, to share flavor outcomes through advanced sensory training. The ultimate goal is to help answer the desire for more diverse flavor choices in specialty and base malt flavor. To learn more about malt sensory or the Malt Sensory Ambassador program, please fill out the form below.

Stop Chewing, Start Steeping

If you are interested to learn more about advanced malt sensory methods or would like to request a visit to your brewery/distillery location, next brewers guild meeting or industry event; please share here:

Read how these breweries have benefited from a Malt Sensory Ambassador experience:

“Before doing sensory with a member of CMG we would arbitrarily smell, chew, and make a mash. After we now have a standardized malt sensory analysis protocol which has helped streamline recipe development, and create better consensus among our brewers before bringing a new malt on board.” Ben Roesch, Wormtown Brewery

“It was a great opportunity for me and our staff to get up close and personal with malt and really get into how they all differ. The malt sensory system brings out aromas and flavors that you won’t get from just eating grain. I’ve never experienced malt in this way and look forward to doing more sessions in the future.” Matthew Steinberg, Exhibit A Brewing 

“The malt sensory I participated in with Valley Malt was eye opening to say the least. People tend to focus only on hop profiles and completely forget how important malt is to a beer. Tasting same styles of malt from different companies based in different geographical areas allowed me to understand the different characteristics that can develop from each maltster.” Katrina Shabo, Wormtown Brewery


“Tasting malt is a vital part of beer formulation. It is amazing how many people are disconnected. Tasting is a crucial part of deciding what grains will be best for your beer.” – John Mallett, Bell’s Brewery and author of Malt: A Practical Guide