The Craft Maltsters Guild Board of Directors is a group of individuals dedicated to holding craft malting to the highest standards. The members of the board of directors are elected by the members of the Guild. The directors are responsible for the general administration of the association’s activities and for creating policy on behalf of the Guild.

Current Board of Directors

President: Brent Manning, Riverbend Malt House

Brent Manning co-founded Riverbend Malt House in Asheville, NC in 2011. He currently serves as head of research and development for Riverbend. focusing on connecting with local grain producers to bring a mix of heirloom and newly developed varieties to the craft beer and spirits producers across the South. In 2013, he co-founded the North American Craft Maltsters Guild and has served as President of the Board of Directors since 2017. He enjoys fly fishing, cycling, and spending Friday evenings at one of Asheville’s many breweries.


Vice President: Hillary Barile, Rabbit Hill Farms

Hillary Barile is a 5th generation farmer and headBoard of Directors - Craft Maltsters Guild maltster for Rabbit Hill Farms and Malthouse, a producer of NJ grown ingredients for craft brewers and distillers.  The family farm also grows sod and commodity grains on the 585 acres in southern NJ.  Along with her brother, Hillary initiated the farm’s transition from vegetable farming to the production of malting barley with the construction of their craft malthouse in 2016.  Since then, Rabbit Hill has focused on the production of base malts in their 1-ton floor malting facility with the goal of helping brewers and distillers explore what contribution grains can have to develop a regional flavor.  As a former student of Environmental Chemistry and Farmland Conservation Planner, Hillary is particularly interested in finding strategies to build more environmentally and economically sustainable farm systems – starting with her own land. She lives on the farm with her husband and two sons.


Treasurer: Jeff Malkiewicz, Great Lakes Malting Co.

Jeff Malkiewicz co-founded Great Lakes Malting Company Board of Directors - Craft Maltsters Guildback in 2016. His mission is to support the Midwest’s small grains industry and produce the finest quality malts for breweries and distilleries. As a member of the Craft Maltsters Guild board of directors, Jeff’s goal is to oversee the continued growth in membership and support quality and technical assistance initiatives. He resides with his wife and two dogs in Traverse City, Michigan, and enjoys hiking and spending time on Lake Michigan.


Secretary: Curtis Davenport, Admiral Maltings

Curtis Davenport co-founded Admiral Maltings in 2017 with Ron Silberstein and Dave McLean and is Admiral’s Head Maltster. Prior to opening Admiral, Curtis grew organic fruits, vegetables, barley, and wheat in Santa Barbara County, CA. Curtis began floor malting inside a converted shipping container in 2013 and has been a member of the Craft Maltster’s Guild ever since. Curtis and his wife, Maddie, live in Oakland, where they like to ride bikes, make wine, and eat pizza with friends.


Matt Enns, Maker’s Malt

Matt Enns was born into a 3rd generation mixed farm in the Sask Valley near Rosthern, Saskatchewan.  Often told by his father he was “not a farmer”, Matt attended post-secondary and was a Division 1 student/athlete at the University of Saskatchewan graduating in 2004.   Now a recovering professional, Matt was a Physical Therapist for 12 years in the nearby city of Saskatoon, all the while retaining a connection to the farm working with his Dad’s grain operation.  Matt bought into the farm in 2010 and in late 2017 Maker’s Malt produced its first batch of craft malt.  Matt currently resides 3 blocks from the malt-house in the small town of Rosthern alongside his wife Katie and boys Harrison and Jack.


Brian Estes, LINC Malt

Brian Estes is Co-owner and Partnerships Director at LINC Malt, the Spokane Valley, Washington malting operation managed by the LINC (Local Inland Northwest Cooperative). A life-long Eastern Washingtonian, Brian joined the Cooperative in 2017, first supporting the regional growth of its wholesale distribution enterprise, LINC Foods. Coinciding with an expansion of malt production in 2019, Brian has focused his work on building partnerships across the malting supply chain. He holds a special passion for building direct relationships between the farmers behind LINC’s malted grains and the brewers and distillers using them. Brian and his wife Sophie live in Spokane, an excellent place to call home and an easy jumping-off point for the endless fun to be discovered across the Inland Northwest. 


Jean Girardeau-Montaut, A VOS MALTS

Jean Girardeau-Montaut has a background as an engineer and has been a brewer since 2012. He was inspired by travels to the United States and Germany to study technical malting operations to launch his own malting house, A VOS MALTS, in June 2020 in Granges-les-Beaumont, southeast France. He credits these visits. and the many great relationships he has made as a Craft Maltsters Guild member, for increasing his malting knowledge and allowing him to launch his business. A VOS MALTS is the first French craft malthouse to operate in a 10-ton steeping tank and germination-kiln combo drum. From day one, the malthouse was also been equipped with a malt roaster. Jean’s mission with A VOS MALTS is to re-localize cereal and malt production, promoting agricultural biodiversity and allowing French brewers and distillers to re-discover malt’s sensory aspects so that they can create fresh products made with local flavor, strengthening their regional identity. Jean’s friends say he is a passionate person with endless curiosity who doesn’t let difficulty stand in his way. And, as everyone knows, passion crosses borders.


Ryan Hamilton, Michigan State University

Ryan Hamilton is a member of the Small Grains for Brewing & Distilling Research Team and a Research Assistant in the Field Crops Pathology Lab at Michigan State University. His mission is to promote and improve small grain economies through research and advocacy. As a pioneer of craft malting in Michigan, founder of the Michigan Barley Association, and the 2020 Soles of Malt Award recipient, he believes that empowering farmers is the key to establishing equitable agricultural value chains.


Jason Parker, Copperworks Distilling Co.

Jason Parker is Co-Owner and President of Copperworks Distilling Company, a craft distillery located on the downtown Seattle waterfront. Jason began his career in the alcohol industry in 1989 helping open iconic craft brewers in the Seattle area, including Pike Place Brewery, Fish Brewing, and Pyramid Breweries. Copperworks was launched in 2013 with co-owner, Micah Nutt (a long-time homebrewing friend), to explore the flavor possibilities of brewing a high-quality malt-based craft beer (without hops) then distilling that into fine spirits. Besides barley-based beverages, Jason enjoys playing bluegrass mandolin, hiking, and traveling with his girlfriend, and rock climbing.


Branch Rothschild, Allagash Brewing Co.

Branch Rothschild joined the board in 2021. He’s been a brewer at Allagash in Portland, Maine for the last 12 years, currently as the brewhouse manager and leading their initiatives toward greater use of locally grown and processed grain. Before Allagash, he expressed his passion for grain and yeast in a different form, working as a baker in St. Louis and Portland while homebrewing on the side. When not at work, Branch likes to get out on the water in Casco Bay or toss the baseball around with his sandlot team.


Hannah Turner, Montana State University

Hannah Turner has been involved in plant science research for the past decade, receiving both bachelor’s and Masters’s distinctions, and has acted as Director of the Montana State University Barley, Malt & Brewing Quality Lab since 2016. Hannah’s research career began with the investigation of the pathways leading to starch production in plants while her current role revolves around malting and making grain starch accessible for the brewing and distilling process. MSU’s Barley, Malt & Brewing Quality Lab performs both research and service, providing data for the University’s Barley Breeding Program and industry members across the barley value network. Research focuses include innovative projects such as improved barley for craft malting, barley and malt flavor, and improved throughput analysis for breeding program selection. Hannah works closely with the American Society of Brewing Chemist’s Technical Committee, leading the Malt Subcommittee which works to develop and streamline methodologies for malt quality analysis. Hannah also serves as chair of the Guild’s Technical Working Group, which develops educational and practical tools for the industry. When not in the lab, Hannah spends time enjoying Montana with her three-year-old son.