Beer and spirits drinkers deeply value the local, independent establishments that produce their favorite fermented beverages. Alongside local breweries and distilleries, craft malt has also grown in popularity across the nation and abroad. 

Research from the Brewers Association shows in recent years interest in beers produced with local ingredients has moved to the top of the mindful drinkers’ criteria list when choosing their next beer. Breweries and distilleries are answering this call by incorporating locally-produced craft malts into flagship products and major seasonal releases.

The Craft Maltsters Guild (CMG) launched the Craft Malt Certified™ seal program in September 2019. The seal is designed to provide a key point of differentiation for CMG Member Malthouses and the brewers and distillers they work with. Its usage on products and in other marketing helps bridge the “grain to glass” divide and connect local grain farming families with brewers, distillers, and their customers. 

Our objectives with the Craft Malt Certified seal program are fourfold:

  • Support and celebrate a vibrant craft malt community
  • Provide clear market differentiation for brewers and distillers using craft malt
  • Help brewers and distillers translate the added value of products made with craft malt 
  • Promote awareness and engagement among craft beverage consumers

A brewery or distillery can participate in the Craft Malt Certified program at a company level or through individual products:

    • Company Certification: Purchase 10% or more craft malt as part of total annual malt purchases (Craft Malt Certified Brewery, Craft Malt Certified Distillery)
    • Product Certification: Single beer or spirit produced with 10% or more craft malt (Craft Malt Certified Beer, Craft Malt Certified Spirit)

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Meet some of our participating Craft Malt Certified Partners

How to sign up

Breweries and distilleries interested in signing up for the Craft Malt Certified seal program should follow the following steps to get involved:

1) Join the North American Craft Maltsters Guild as an Individual Brewery or Distillery Member. Become a member today!

2) Partner with a CMG Member Malthouse to meet the 10% usage baseline.

3) Sign a licensing agreement with your Member Malthouse. A CMG Member Malthouse will certify that you are meeting the necessary usage thresholds.

4) Receive the seal and begin incorporating it into your marketing and promotional materials. Each brewery and distillery also get one (1) FREE wooden Craft Malt Certified sign to hang in their tasting room.

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Craft Malt Certified Seal Partners – The Craft Malt Seal is not just for brewers and distillers! It is open to any business utilizing Craft Malt in their products. Are you a baker, miller, or food manufacturer using Craft Malt? If so we would love to hear from you and discuss how the Craft Malt Certified Seal can add value to your products and engage your customers! Please reach out to [email protected] to begin the conversation.