Dates:  February 23-24, 2024
Location:  Davis, California

The Craft Maltsters Guild’s 2024 Craft Malt Conference + Trade Expo will take place at the University of California Davis Conference Center on February 23-24, 2024. This gathering brings together university, agriculture, malt, and beverage professionals from across the globe as the only conference of its kind, offering workshops and seminars specifically focused on malt research, topics, and best practices.

The Craft Maltsters Guild seeks proposals from professionals across the malt supply chain to present their research and expertise to our membership on topics including but not limited to: agriculture and agronomy, small grains breeding, scientific research, technical and applied elements of the malting process, sensory, flavor, marketing, and industry DEI.




2024 Craft Malt Conference Session Proposal Example

Please mail [email protected] for proposal questions and with sponsorship interest.

Proposal Guidelines

Sessions are either 20 or 40 mins long. All presentations must allow for Q&A.

Submission descriptions should accurately reflect the proposed seminar content. If selected, the text provided will be used as the seminar description. 

All submissions must be complete in order to be considered for review, including confirmation of all speakers, advanced bios, and headshots.

Titles and content of selected sessions are subject to change after subcommittee review.

You are welcome to submit more than one proposal. Please fill out a new form for each proposed session/workshop.

Abstract Title: 

Capitalize only the first letter of the first word and any proper nouns.

Title is limited to 25 words.

It should be concise, but not boring, and use no abbreviations. 

Do not place a period after the title. 

Italicize scientific names. 

Please do not use trade names or trademarks in the abstract title. 

Author list and affiliation format: 

Senior author initial(s) first, followed by surname, then junior author(s) initial(s) and surname(s).  Author affiliations should be denoted with superscript numerals after the surname as per the example given for abstract. The next line should contain the author affiliations.  The corresponding author’s phone number and e-mail address should be given in the next line.

Abstract Body:

Main text body. For research papers, the main text should contain the sections of: 1)Introduction, 2) Objectives, 3) Materials and Methods, 4) Results and Discussion, 5) References.  The main headings (e.g. Introduction and Objectives) should all be in bolded font. 

For non-research papers, please provide a concise description of the presentation that covers the following topics and questions. Provide background information and context- why is this presentation relevant and important? What are the specific topics that the presentation will cover? What can the audience expect to learn?

Abstract should be no more than 300 words.

  • Scientific names should be given in italics. Within text citations should be in the numbered format (e.g. [1]);
  • Remember to write impactfully and use no jargon;
  • Avoid abbreviations or symbols, except those with widespread use;
  • The introduction should flow directly into the study context and be limited to one or two sentences;
  • Include the main objectives of the study and focus only on the main goals of the research;
  • Report the type of study in the methods section; avoid describing all data analyzed or giving a detailed statistical analysis;
  • Briefly describe the results of the analysis performed;
  • The conclusion should be limited to one or two sentences only and address the study.