01/29/2018: -

Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Hartwick College, IFBM and Virginia Tech are partnering to offer a one week intensive class in craft malting technology. The course is aimed to give starting and experienced craft maltsters both theoretical and practical knowledge in malting technology.

Course Objectives

  • Develop knowledge in malting barley and in its characteristics
  • Learn and control the different steps of the malting process
  • Determine the defining characteristics of malt quality and the influence of processing parameters
  • Learn the technology and methods used to produce craft malt


  • Theory and biochemistry of malt production
  • Malting barley characteristics and influence on malt quality
  • Malting steps: preparation of barley, steeping, germination, kilning
  • Malting process parameters and optimization
  • Testing methods for barley grain and finished malt quality
  • Equipment and technology for craft malting
  • Costs in the malting plant and energy savings


Dr. Patrick Boivin, Training & Technical Manager, IFBM

Mr. Aaron MacLeod, Director, Hartwick College Center for Craft Food and Beverage

Date & Location

January 29 – Feb 2, 2018 (4.5 days)

Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA



Complete Program and Registration information can be found here.