The Craft Malt Conference is where our growing community comes together for deep learning and active networking, all as the Northern Hemisphere gears up for spring grain planting. A diversity of farm, food, and craft beverage stakeholders are always warmly invited. While the conference typically rotates to cities around the United States and is hosted by local craft maltsters, this year we’re excited to adapt the tradition to a fully online approach. This new format makes craft malt education more accessible than ever before. 

If we haven’t convinced you yet, here are seven reasons to sign up for #CraftMaltCon2021, going down February 10 – 12 wherever you happen to be.

  1. Craft Malt is The Future of Craft Beer.  Think of what it was like back when craft beer started building momentum in the ’80s. Big dreams, big barriers to entry, and no official support systems for the industry’s pioneers. A similar story has been unfolding for craft maltsters over the past decade, and we believe it holds the potential to transform the world of craft beer and spirits for the better
  2. Innovation in a Sea of Commodities. Through the modern history of craft beer, malt has taken a backseat as a bland and boring commodity, with most brewers sourcing it from a small handful of huge suppliers. Those times are fortunately changing. Craft maltsters are proud to be doing things differently, with a keen eye toward innovations spanning malt science, terroir, consumer engagement, and supply chain sustainability. Craft Malt Con is a three-day virtual glimpse into what this movement is capable of.
  3. Join a Growing Community. The Craft Maltsters Guild was formed in 2013 to legitimize & empower small, local, and independent maltsters throughout North America. The Guild now proudly represents 64 craft maltsters from across North America, 35 international and developing malthouses, 140 brewers & distillers, 31 allied trade members, and 53 individual members.  And we’re pretty sure you’d make a great addition to our community, too.
  4. Perspective from Industry Leaders. Craft Malt Con brings together an exciting list of experts that would rarely be found in one (zoom) room— including keynote speaker and esteemed craft beer icon Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Richard Simpson of Simpsons Malt, Bart Watson of the Brewers Association, Becky Harris of Catoctin Creek Distillery, and Dr. Charlie Bamforth of UC Davis, from the University of Nottingham and Sierra Nevada, among many other leading craft malt, beer, and spirits industry experts
  5. Networking Opportunities Abound. Whether you’re a maltster, brewer, distiller, grain grower, artisan baker, or a member of the media, Craft Malt Con is the place to connect with fellow craft malt connoisseurs. Interact with experts in 15 live sessions with Q&A opportunities, learn more about the latest equipment and industry services during virtual vendor mini-talks, and stay online for our nightly virtual happy hours.
  6. Hardware for Top Quality. This year marks the third year of the Malt Cup, a one-of-a-kind malt competition judged remotely by a nationwide team of 84 maltsters, brewers, distillers, researchers, and Cicerones. Winners for Pilsner and Pale Malt will be announced at the virtual Malt Cup Awards Ceremony on Friday night. 
  7. Keep Connected. Get in the loop on other Craft Maltsters Guild programs and events, such as our Advanced Class in Craft Malt Production, the Craft Malt Certified Seal program (133 breweries and distilleries and counting!), and Craft Malt Week.

Registration for the 2021 Craft Malt Conference closes Tuesday, February 9. 

Save your seat today!