By Glen Fox, Ph.D., University of California – Davis

Every few years, barley researchers across North America gather to share and discuss the latest research and commentary on the future of the industry. The next combined conference, the 23rd North American Barley Researchers Workshop and 43rd Canadian Barley Technical Conference is slated to take place at the University of California in Davis, CA on September 22-24, 2022. UC Davis has a long history of barley breeding and is equally well known for its world-class brewing program.

Since the last combined conference in 2017, there have been new barley varieties released, further research on barley varietal flavor, and steady growth in the craft malt industry. 

The conference offers craft maltsters the opportunity to hear the latest on barley and malt research, as well as opportunities to network with barley researchers. As part of a growing industry, craft maltsters are invited to present findings from their perspectives. There is a Call for Abstracts which closes on Friday, April 1, 2022. There is also an opportunity to support the conference through sponsorship. 

This event will be one of the first opportunities for our craft malt family to get back together, face to face to share a beer. We hope to see you there. 

Learn more about the conference and find the link to submit your abstract here. For more information on sponsoring the event or submitting an abstract, contact Professor Glen Fox ([email protected]) or Dr. Harmonie Bettenhausen ([email protected]).