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Clipper Air Screen Cleaning Equipment: Trends, Tips & Tricks

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  • Using the correct screen sizes throughout your Clipper cleaner is only part of what can be done to improve its effectiveness.  Make sure the screens are kept in good condition.  Warped or damaged screens and frames may not allow the free movement of product and will affect the ability of the screens to clean properly.  Make sure screen rails and rubber seals are in working order to prevent fines from bypassing the seals and migrating back into your product. 
  •  Maintaining the cleaning balls under the screens is critical to product flow and keeping the screens clear and open.  The ball trays are designed to have the balls bounce in an aggressive erratic manner providing constant cleaning to the screen surface.  Ball trays are made up of individual sections that should have five to six balls in each.  Cleaning balls are basically super balls.  Over time they can lose their elasticity and ability to bounce.  To check your cleaning balls hold one straight out from you shoulder high.  When dropped on concrete it should bounce about waist high or more.  If less they’re not working hard enough and should be replaced.

Clipper Cleaning Equipment

  • Having the proper air setup is the single most important adjustment you can make in fine-tuning your cleaner.  Removing light trash from the product through air separation is the difference between good cleaning and precision cleaning.  We help our customers by providing training videos online at our website so they can learn more about their machine.  Watch them at or visit our website at
  •  Do periodic inspections of your cleaner to ensure years of trouble-free operation and ease of use.  Removal of screens and ball trays allows the shoes to be inspected for wear and debris.  Keeping the screen ways clean and in good working order makes screen replacement much easier.  Checking for leaks makes sure trash is not getting into your cleaned product.
  • Installation is critical to the proper operation of your cleaner.  Choosing the correct foundation type, product inlet, product and trash takeaway and air discharge components are some of the most important decisions you can make.  Make sure the cleaner is level and on a solid foundation.  The product should flow into the cleaner the full width of the screens to maximize capacity and ensure proper cleaning operation.  Dust and light trash removed by the air system on the cleaner should be captured or removed from the area and not allowed to resettle on the clean product.

Clipper Cleaning Equipment

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