So many great malt stories start with beer, and this one is no exception. Malters Advantage founder Wayne Moore was a partner at Ghostfish Brewing Company when he developed an equipment line that would change the game for craft breweries aiming to scale up. 

Thrall Family Malt – Windsor CT

Ghostfish, a dedicated gluten-free brewery, worked with Grouse Malt House in Wellington, CO as their principal malt supplier. Out of curiosity about why Grouse chose a manual over an automated malting system, “I told her if she would mentor me on the malting process, I would design equipment for her operation,” he says. “And here we are! Seven plus years later, and still learning and still designing and building equipment!”

Moore would go on to collaborate with Bauer Sheet Metal and Fabricating Inc. to bring a line of Craft Malting Equipment that is specifically designed, engineered, and built for modern craft malting operations— all with United States steel and United States labor. His passion for malting equipment is contagious, and his dedication to helping maltsters customize their operations is admirable. 

Malters Advantage has grown alongside its customers, working to troubleshoot and develop custom designs to meet their needs and fit their production spaces. One of their early custom design projects was at Murphy & Rude Malting in Charlottesville, VA. “We supported a kiln design to meet his needs, and the owner Jeff still talks to me so I guess we did alright!” Moore says. 

Troubadour Maltings – Fort Collins, CO

“We got into the ‘custom mixer’ work thanks to the folks at Troubadour Malting. Gallatin Valley Malt in Manhattan, MT came to us seeking help on a control system for their malt operations,” Moore continues, explaining that while Malters Advantage does have some standard equipment most of their partners come to them in need of customization. That has been the case for mixers at their first-ever installation at Great Lakes Malting, as well as Empire Malting Company, both in Michigan. “We’re more than willing to partner with our customers and tailor the equipment specific to their needs. More and more, our business appears to be heading toward the custom design-build approach,” he says.  

Malters Advantage is proud to work with malthouses across the country, from their first two customers – Grouse Malt House and Great Lakes Malting – to the many others across the country including Wyoming Malting Company, Thrall Family Malt, TexMalt, Riverbend Malt House, Cascadia Malts, Dark Cloud Malthouse, Colorado Malting Company, and Valley Malt. Learn more about their malting systems and consulting services at

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