The 2023 Craft Malt Week put on by the Craft Maltsters Guild is slated for September 22 through 29, leading up to the appearance of the harvest moon. This week highlights the deep and meaningful connection between local agriculture and craft beverages through special events and digital activations. It celebrates another year of small grains cultivated and harvested across our growing community. And this year, it commemorates the Craft Maltsters Guild’s 10th anniversary. 

Maltsters, farmers, brewers, distillers, and professionals along the craft malt supply chain are invited to join in on this yearly celebration of local grains. Here are 10 suggestions for getting involved in #CraftMaltWeek2023.

1. Don’t miss our Craft Malt Week webinar! Scheduled for Tuesday September 26th at 3pm EST, this edition of our bi-monthly webinar is a fantastic chance to meet our new Executive Director! Members of the Board of Directors will also present the results of the latest member survey. Sign up for this webinar here

2. Enter the 2024 Malt Cup! The Malt Cup will comprise six categories in 2024: Pilsen, Pale Malt, Light Munich, Vienna, Wheat Malt and Caramel Malt. The entry registration window begins on Sunday September 24 and goes to Friday October 13. Entry submissions must be received at Montana State University no later than Monday October 16 at 3pm with no exceptions. Learn more about this quality-based global malt competition here.

3. Join The Craft Malt Certified™ Seal Program! Its usage on products and in other marketing helps bridge the “grain to glass” divide and connect local grain farming families with brewers, distillers, and their customers.

4. Craft a homebrew, community beer, or collaboration brew with local malt and fellow craft malt advocates! Document your brew day on social media with the hashtag #CraftMaltWeek2023.

5. Invite your customers to an event, tour of your farm or facility, or class centered on craft malt! Add that event to our event calendar here. Download Craft Malt Week social media assets here.

6. Tap a special beer or release a spirit right in time for Craft Malt Week.

7. Reach out to your local news stations and newspapers to tell them why and how you’re celebrating Craft Malt Week.

8. Use social media to introduce your team. Share the stories of how they got interested in craft malt and their malt(ing) experience. Ask your brewer, distiller, or maltster to go live on Instagram or Facebook to talk about why you choose to make or use craft malt.

9. Purchase one of our resources like the Craft Maltsters Guild Quality & Safety Manual or The Craft Maltsters’ Handbook to help your team continue their malt education. Our web shop also has sweet malt posters to hang in your tasting room.

10. Visit a farm from which you or your maltster purchase small grains to say thank you!