The Craft Maltsters Guild is pleased to welcome three incoming board members to the Guild’s Board of Directors in 2022. These individuals include two Member Malthouse representatives and the first-ever International Malthouse member on the board. 

Guild Member Malthouses elected Brian Estes, the Partnerships Director of LINC Malt in Spokane Valley, WA, and re-elected Dan Galvagni, Accounts Manager at Root Shoot Malting in Loveland, CO, as its Member Malthouse representatives. Additionally, the Guild is excited to usher in the first International Malthouse member in the board’s history, Jean Girardeau-Montaut, Founder and CEO of A VOS MALTS located in Granges-les-Beaumont, France, to the International or Developing Malthouse seat. 

“These incoming board members bring a breadth of experience to the table— including malt sales, partnership management, and international business,” says Jesse Bussard, Guild Executive Director. “Their contributions will continue to support the growing needs of our members and the craft malt community at large.”

Estes, Galvagni, and Girardeau-Montaut join nine other craft malt professionals on the Board of Directors. This leadership group is dedicated to holding craft malting to the highest standards and is responsible for the general administration of the association’s activities and creating policy on behalf of the Guild. Members of the board of directors are elected by Member Malthouses, the Guild’s voting membership, and serve three-year terms. 

The Craft Maltsters Guild recognizes and appreciates outgoing board members, Phil Neumann of Mainstem Malt and James Weed of Solstice Malt, for their engagement in and support of the activities of the organization. 

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