09/29/2020: 10:15 am -

In recognition of Craft Malt Week, mark your calendars for the public premier of 100 Year Lease on September 29th at 10:15AM Mountain Time on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/RO-bSftOnog

100 Year Lease is a documentary film produced by Root Shoot Malting and Traverse Image to convey the significance of family farms and to preserve the longevity of Colorado agriculture.

This project is rooted in Colorado and inspired by a premise that we live and believe:
Together we can save family farms one beer (or spirit!) at a time.

The livelihood of our small business depends on land, a commodity that for us and so many others is scarce and exponentially depleting.

Olander Farms and Root Shoot Malting are together pursuing a Conservation Easement with Colorado Open Lands, an agreement that will permanently limit the use of our land, 140 acres, and will ensure the continued pace, quality, and permanence of protected agriculture in our region.

We’re here to tell our story to raise awareness far beyond our own farmland, and we’re campaigning to keep farmers on farms – a future that supports the rural agricultural communities, families, and wildlife.

Cameo appearances by Atom Brewing Co., Station 26 Brewing Co, and Woods Boss Brewing Co.

Visit www.rootshootmalting.com/100yearlease for more info on how you can commit to Colorado Agriculture and learn about our partnership with the Steward Foundation.

Want to show off a 100 Year Lease t-shirt? Designed by the Mtn Creative team, you can purchase t-shirts from Lake Hollow Homestead and a portion of the proceeds will directly support the Steward Foundation.