Calling all brewers and distillers— now is the time to join the craft malt party and the Craft Malt Certified™ Seal Program! Here are five reasons you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity to promote your investment in a more sustainable malt supply chain.  

  1. Differentiation: The Seal provides clear market differentiation. Brewers and distillers using craft malt can use it to highlight one of their key ingredients and the relationships with their maltsters.
  2. Premiumization: The Seal helps brewers and distillers translate the added value of products made with craft malt, with compelling final products that evoke a sense of place. 
  3. Engagement: The Seal promotes awareness and engagement among beer and spirits lovers. Educated consumers help to drive demand for beers rooted with agricultural, market-savvy stories. 
  4. Community: The Seal connects craft breweries and distilleries to a network of like-minded professionals. This burgeoning industry is growing all over North America, with more and more interest from mainstream media like Modern Farmer and Food & Wine
  5. Innovation: The diversity of barley and small grains varieties only continues to expand, with universities across the continent developing research programs around these cereal crops. 

The future of craft beer and spirits is craft malt, and we are here for it. We hope you’ll join us