Spring is in full swing and we have a fresh crop of new stories and podcasts to share with you. Read on for our second quarter picks of the best reads and listens featuring craft malt from across the craft beverage and ag media landscape.

  1. In mid-February, Alabama Craft Malt Certified brewer Doug Tibbs shared why close relationships with craft maltsters have been vital to his brewery’s success in These Chats Are Crucial to Chandlers Ford’s Future, Says Tibbs, for The Brewer Magazine.
  2. Learn about The Art of Vinifying Grains — Brasserie Ammonite in Burgundy, France in this late February Good Beer Hunting feature where a pallet of A VOS MALTS also makes a cameo appearance in a photo towards the end of the story.
  3. Cereal rye takes center stage in Rye Whiskey Distillers Take Their Own Approach to Grain-to-Glass from Imbibe Magazine published in mid-March.
  4. For those that love listening to podcasts, Jimmy Carbone hosted not one but three live episodes of Beer Sessions Radio on Heritage Radio Network while he was in Portland, ME in mid-March for the 6th annual Craft Malt Conference. Find them all below and tune in for some great conversations.
    1. Brewing with Local Malt, March 26, 2023, featuring Branch Rothschild of Allagash Brewing Company and Ben Clegg of Blue Ox Malthouse
    2. The Three Maltsters, March 31, 2023, featuring Jeff Bloem of Murphy & Rude Malting Co., Jordan Ullrich, Epiphany Craft Malt, and Joe Hamill of Red Shed Malting
    3. Malty Maine, April 7, 2023, featuring Joshua Buck of Maine Malt House and Joel Alex of Blue Ox Malthouse.
  5. Accolades abound in Root Shoot Malting, Blue Ox Malthouse highlight Malt Cup Award winners featured on Craft Brewing Business in late March.
  6. Another late March feature, Modern Farmer tells the story behind Bloody Butcher corn (pictured above) and how Riverbend Malt House is working to bring back this heritage variety in How Distilling Almost Killed – Then Revived – One of America’s Heritage Crops
  7. Read White Light, White Heat – Allagash Brewing in Portland, Maine from Pellicle Magazine for the next best thing to an in-person tour of this storied craft brewery. 
  8. Lastly, All About Beer gives a rundown of the benefits of working with craft maltsters in Getting to Know Your Local Maltster, an interview with Andrea Stanley of Valley Malt previously published on ProBrewer earlier this year.

We hope you enjoy these kernels. Have news to share? Submit your Craft Malt Certified story or Malthouse News and we’ll help spread the word!