First introduced at the 2021 Craft Malt Conference, the MaltVis web tool for data analysis is now accessible to Craft Maltsters Guild members. The online app allows maltsters to easily and intimately engage with malting process and quality analysis data, and in turn, use that information to produce better malt. 

Developed by Curtis Davenport and Andrew Caffrey of Admiral Maltings, maltsters can use MaltVis by uploading their process data and lab analysis results to view trends, explore correlations between process data and lab results, and perform basic statistical analysis.

“With a steady stream of data being collected throughout the malting process and from third-party analysis, Andrew and I wanted to create an accessible, user-friendly tool to regularly visualize and analyze that data,” says Davenport. 

“Viewing data in context, as a trend, is more informative than simply reviewing individual data points and can help in noticing issues, identifying the causes, and testing corrective actions,” Davenport goes on to add. “As maltsters, most of us probably already have a pretty good grasp of how our raw materials and processes behave and how that impacts malt quality. Using MaltVis can help affirm (or challenge) and quantify that intuition.”

MaltVis is now accessible to craft maltsters on the Guild website. Instructions for how to use MaltVis and a sample data set can be found on the app. In addition, maltsters are invited to watch a live demo with the app developers during the Guild’s July 8th Member Webinar – MaltVis: Digging into Malthouse Data. Register here. 

For more information about MaltVis, contact Curtis Davenport at Admiral Maltings ([email protected]).