Prestonrose Farm & Brewing Co. is a certified organic farm, farm-to-table restaurant, and on-farm brewery based in Paris, Arkansas. They produce small batches of craft beer with various southern heirlooms, made with ingredients grown on their farm. Liz and Mike Preston have a history rooted in agriculture and a business model that is truly something special. 

The journey to founding Prestonrose started when the Prestons moved from California to Arkansas in 2013. They had a dream to start an organic farm with a restaurant and brewery on the property. To their luck, they found and bought land from the Rose family, and went on to name their new home, Prestonrose Farm and Brewery. Just one year after they took over the farm they became USDA certified organic and at the beginning of 2015, they installed a 3,000 square foot greenhouse in order to extend their growing season year-round. In 2015, they officially opened their restaurant and brewery where guests can sit out on their rustic patio with gorgeous sunsets and views of rolling farmland. 

Liz Preston, a microbiologist by trade, comes up with the recipes and brews for all of the beers at Prestonrose. Their beer styles range from traditional to funky variations of Saisons, Stouts, Porters, and Blonde Ales, many of which include seasonal ingredients grown on the farm such as Abigail’s Okra Brown Ale. This English Brown Ale is a must-try and is brewed with Okra Coffee that the Prestons harvest and roast right on their farm. The beers that aren’t brewed with their ingredients are also delicious. The Prestons source fresh and local ingredients for all of their beers and are always thinking about how they can support their friends and local partners with every recipe they create.  

Since they opened their doors in 2015, the Prestons have been dedicated to building communities around small farms, independent business, and sustainable commerce. They are proud to be a craft brewery that sources 100% craft malt for every beer they brew and have two single malt beers available year-round: (1) Heritage American Pale Ale, brewed with Riverbend Malt House’s heritage malt and (2) Blue Centennial Brown Ale, made with blue malt from Troubadour Maltings. They also use malts from Mecca Grade Estate Malt and TexMalt.

Liz Preston adds, “We love our relationships with our maltsters and their relationships with their farmers. Craft malt not only offers a way to remain true to our small business philosophies, but it provides complexities, unique flavor profiles, and creative freedom we don’t find with conventional commercial malt.” 

The Prestons have a strong passion for craft beer and view this farm as a little pocket of heaven. They hope to expand soon so they can invite more of the community in to enjoy their freshly brewed craft creations. 

Learn more about Prestonrose Farm & Brewing Co. on their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.