Durham, North Carolina: There are only six Gold Medalists among North Carolina breweries at the Great American Beer Festival and two of them have a unique ingredient in common:  Epiphany Craft Malt, a locally- produced malted grain product. Epiphany Craft Malt is dedicated to regionally connecting brewers with locally farmed barley and craft malts. The result is award-winning beer and proof that the “uber-local” craft beer tradition is flourishing in North Carolina.

“We celebrate our customer’s wins as if they were our own—because they are,” explains Epiphany Malt president, Sebastian Wolfrum. “Epiphany Malt set out to create community and connectivity between the regional brewers, distillers, farmers and the malt producer. We believe in a better brewing process—one that focuses on sustainability, support for the local economy and fresh, locally-grown ingredients. Why? It not only creates better business—it creates a better beer.”

The Great American Beer Festival is the largest beer competition in the world and awards the most outstanding beers made in the United States and beyond. This year’s winners, and Epiphany Malt customers, include Wooden Robot Brewery, Charlotte, NC and Little Brother Brewery, Greensboro, NC and Noda, Charlotte, NC. Notably, Wooden Robot and Little Brother Brewery use Epiphany Malt exclusively.

 About Epiphany Malt: Founded by a brewer & maltster, Epiphany works directly with farmers to select regional grains grown especially for their qualities in germination, and malts them to exact specifications in a state-of-the-art 10-ton germination-kiln-box. The result is a science-focused operation that gives the maltster precision control over the end result— and brewers a relationship with their malt supply much like having your own malt house.  We are committed to establishing a resilient, sustainable and quality supply of domestically grown malt that is farmed, malted and brewed for exceptional flavor and character. COLLABORATORS WELCOME.



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