New-Belgium-RyePA-w-River-Bend-MaltMarch Featured Beer

New Belgium RyePA

Brewed by: New Belgium

Style: Rye Beer

ABV: 7.5%

From: Fort Collins, Colorado

Malt Type Used: Carolina Rye

Malt From: Riverbend Malt

A brand new beer will be coming out in the next few weeks called RyePA, which is part of New Belgium’s Hop Kitchen collection. This beer was produced from a dynamic team working in collaboration together included New Belgium Brewery and Riverbend Malt House. The rye beer is a wonderful combination of spicy rye paired with spicy hops. The end result of this tasty duo provides beer lovers with a unique bold flavor that jumps from being sweet to bitter then back to sweet again for the finishing touch.

As you pour this Rye beer into your glass you will notice it’s copper color topped by a vanilla foam. Also pay attention to the aroma this beer releases which will fill your nostrils with a sensory overload including hints of fruity, spicy, herbal and grassy flavors all at once. This beer proudly boast a 7.5% ABV content and when you take a sip be prepared for the much deserving delight that comes along with it. If you want to try a bold new flavor and are a hops lover we recommend you go and out give this New Belgium RyePA a try.

RyePA was brewed with 40% Carolina Rye™, which is a rye malt produced by Riverbend Malt House based out of Asheville, North Carolina. The rye was grown locally in North Carolina and has been since the time of the Civil War. The release of this new beer brings a spotlight nationally to Riverbend Malt House, as it will be their first collaboration with a brewery using their malt and distributing the beer across the US to 37 different states. “Riverbend Malt House is excited that New Belgium will bring this taste of the South to so many new palates.” said Riverbend co-founder Brian Simpson.

This will be a limited release that will be available both in 22-oz bottles and on draft, so act quick to make certain you get yourself a taste before you lose the chance forever!!