St. George business now shipping locally grown ingredients to serve brewing and distilling customers for true “grain to glass” experience

St. George, South Carolina (September 17, 2020) – Palmetto Malt today announced the opening of its craft malting business and shipment of its first malted product. By so doing, Palmetto Malt has become the first malting business in South Carolina. Based in St. George, the team will specialize in locally grown and malted barley, wheat, oats, rye, and corn.

Not only are the founders of Palmetto Malt skillfully malting the grain in their new Intelligent Malt system, but those same people planted the grain on their farm, giving a truly new meaning to the phrase ‘grain to glass’.

“We’re excited to see our business take flight, our first products look and taste great, and we’re seeing strong demand though we’ve only just started shipping,“ said Jared Weathers, [Co-Owner]. “Our customers are hungry for locally grown and processed ingredients to create a real farm to glass experience for their beer and spirits.”

To process these ingredients, the team at Palmetto Malt uses special equipment to steep, aerate, and begin growing the grains. The grains are allowed to grow for a few days to convert unfermentable starches in the grains to fermentable sugars. These grains are then dried, toasted, cleaned, and bagged for use in brewing or distilling. Careful control and monitoring by the Palmetto team ensure ultimate quality throughout the process.

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About Palmetto Malt: Palmetto Malt is a South Carolina-based malting business serving breweries and distilleries in the southeast. The company’s unique ability to locally grow, harvest, clean, malt, and bag products are what makes Palmetto Malt a unique asset to the farming, brewing, and distilling worlds. Learn more:

About Intelligent Malt: North Dakota-based Intelligent Malt is a craft malting Solutions Company that provides fully automated, tablet controlled, malting equipment. Learn more:

Media Contact: Jared Weathers, [email protected]