The Craft Maltsters Guild seeks nominations for the organization’s Board of Directors. This year two Member Malthouse seats and an International or Developing Malthouse seat are open. Any member of the Guild can nominate a candidate, including themselves. Individuals with great ideas who can commit to the time dedicated to leading our Guild are encouraged to apply. 

The Guild Board of Directors is a group of individuals dedicated to holding craft malting to the highest standards and is responsible for the general administration of the association’s activities and creating policy on behalf of the Guild. Members of the board of directors are elected by Malthouse Members of the Guild and serve three-year terms. 

Two incumbent Member Malthouse board members, Dan Galvagni of Root Shoot Malting and Phil Neumann of Mainstem Malt, will be running for re-election. The Guild extends a thank you to Galvagni and Neumann, as well as outgoing board member James Weed of Solstice Malt, for their past years of service to the organization.

Learn more about the nominations process and election timeline, as well as the time commitments required of board members on the Guild website. ​Applications are due by Wednesday, December 8th. Submit them here